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Our professional team creates innovative, effective websites that capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, and maximize your revenue to help grow your business and achieve your goals.

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In today’s digital world, your website is the first interaction consumers have with your business — which is why almost 95 percent of a user’s first impression relates to web design. It’s also why web design services can have an immense impact on your company’s bottom line.

A top web design is more than an “About Us” and a “Contact” page. It’s how you communicate. It’s how you show off your products and capabilities and most importantly, it’s how you convert leads. A CTA (call-to-action) strategy needs to intuitively guide your visitors through your brand story and products or services. The user experience and user interface need to make them engage, take action and convert.

That’s why more companies are not only reevaluating their website’s design but also partnering with NoxBD, the web design agency that’s drive results.

Web Design Packages

Making Quality Web Design Services Accessible to All Budget

Small Business

Design Package

  • 5 Pages
  • Custom Design
  • 1 Logo Design Draft

Mid-Size Business

Design Package

  • 12 Pages
  • Custom Design
  • 2 Logo Design Drafts

Large Business

Design Package

  • 25 Pages
  • UX Design
  • 3 Logo Design Drafts

Compare Design Packages

Web Design Packages that Will Optimize for Conversions
Features Small Business Mid-Size Business Large Business
Number of Pages ? 5 Pages 12 Pages 25 Pages
Customized Style
Responsive Design
Header Slideshow
Performance Optimization
On-Page SEO Optimization
Content Optimization
SEO Copywriting
Graphics Bundle
SEO Audit
After-Sales Support

1 Week

1 Month

1 Month

  • Domain name
  • Cloud hosting
  • Professional Email address
  • Domain Name
  • Cloud hosting
  • Professional email address
  • Performance report.

  • Domain name
  • Cloud hosting
  • Professional email address
  • Website report
  • Blog/press release.

Packages Feature: Overview

Ready to Create a Website That Drives Not Only Results but Also Customer Satisfaction

Website pages

With our web design services, you can rely on our designers to create every page of your website.

Whether you are an online store, small business, brick-and-mortar business, or service provider, our designers can create the web-pages that your company needs to reach, inform, and convert your target audience. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we also offer content marketing services to enhance your strategy.

Our web design packages features five tiers for the number of web pages:

  • 1 to 5
  • 5 to 12
  • 12 to 25
  • 25+

What if you need a lot more than 25 pages?

Just contact us online — or use FREE QOUTE to submit a request for an exact quotation. Our experienced strategists will provide you with a customized plan and quotation for the pages your site needs, whether it’s 50, 100, or more.

You can also call on our team if you are not sure how many web-pages your website needs. They can provide years of advice and trusted recommendations when it comes to web design. Just give us a ring at +880 01715 63 11 88 to chat.

Customized style

It’s essential that your website captures your brand, which is why our web design services include unlimited style options. For example, if your company requires a sophisticated design that emphasizes the quality and price range of your products, our team can achieve that for you.

Additional examples of website styles include:

  • Simple and attractive
  • Moderate styling
  • High-end
  • World-class

Our UX designers create websites, which is as simple as storytelling for the visitors. Allowing the visitor to understand about your company foundation, services and products, and how you process.

We encourage you to share your style preferences when requesting a FREE QUOTE online or contacting with our strategists. Your dedicated project manager will also invest the time to learn your business, goals, and vision. That allows our web design team to create a custom, one-of-a-kind website.

Responsive design

Our web design services also offer the option of responsive design. However, we recommend responsive design because it supports smartphones, iPad, and other small devices. Nowadays more than 50% of shoppers using their tablet, smartphone or small PC's for online purchases.

As we said more than 50 percent of the Internet’s traffic coming from mobile users, it’s imperative to provide support for users on-the-go. It’s also best practice for SEO, as Google now follows a mobile-first index, meaning it crawls and views websites from the perspective of a mobile user, not a desktop user.

If your website doesn’t support mobile users, Google sees that — and modifies your ranking in search results. That can lead to a lower ranking, pushing your site to page two of search results and away from your target audience.

With our responsive design option, we prevent that from happening to your business. We perform user-testing for every website we build, with different browsers and devices (eg: iPhone, Windows Phone, Android).

Header slideshow

Using a slideshow on your website header section can be an effective method to show and highlight your portfolio projects, eCommerce products or even key site related messages and information. As the current landing page design trends dictate, they are typically found above the fold on the homepage.

Website headers are a central part in designing a website. They play a key role in grabbing the user’s attention and establishing a connection with the website’s visitors. A header slider can start from two beautiful and visually appealing slides, or even more, that change automatically or you can also change the slide by clicking the small right and left arrows or navigations to view the individual slides.

Custom Header Slider Designers

Our team creates modern & mobile-friendly header slideshows and the make the slide contents beautiful that will reflect your brand personality and ensure your brand voice is consistent throughout the whole website. It will play a key role in establishing a personal connection with every visitor.

Performance optimization

Your website loading speed is one of the important yet most under rated part of digital presence. Website speed performance or loading time is a broad term, that may irritate your audience and search engines.

Why UX web design is important?

  • Nobody likes a slow loading website
  • For Search Engines (eg: Google) website speed is a factor for ranking
  • A slow website can kill your conversions.

Our team makes sure your website not only looks good but also load quickly.

On-Site SEO optimization

We maximize the results of your website design, as well as improve your search engine presence, by ensuring your website follows best practices for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO refers to an umbrella of techniques that enhance your website’s ranking for relevant search results.

A higher ranking in search results correlates to higher visibility among users in your target audience. With better visibility for relevant search results, your website can earn more clicks and traffic from high-value users — that can translate to more store visits, online purchases, quote requests, service requests, appointments and more.

On Site SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization is not only about using tools, but a lot of calculated preparation and hard work goes in to pull your webpage up in the search results. We keep experimenting and improving till your webpage comes to notice and stays in the notice of the right people.

Our team makes sure your website not only looks good but also ranks well in search results.

Content optimization

Content is the backbone of your business. It is a sticky content that establishes your brand’s image in the viewers’ minds. Moreover, it is much more effective than sales pitches or advertisements as content gives the buyer insight into your business ethics, and thus builds trust of your viewers. This, in turn, generates leads, and occupies as well as retains the rightly suited customers.

Sharing informative and quality content about your product/service & your industry makes you appear as an expert in the field. In fact, since content is targeted, your buyers get involved in your products/services, emotionally. This eventually gives rise to evangelists, your business’ best friends.

Content Optimization

Our team leaves no stone unturned and no cue unexplored to research and plot a full-proof, result-driven, and solution-oriented content marketing strategy for an optimized digital PR and growth hacking for your business. Our brilliant content writers, digital marketers, and analysts work diligently to create engaging content, rightly influencing influencers, to form a huge distribution range, facilitating high rates of conversion.

SEO copywriting

Copy is one of the most critical components of your website. It connects your business with your target audience and persuades them to purchase your product, contact your company, or even visit your store. For compelling copy that resonates with readers — and ranks at the top of search results -

Our accomplished content writers provide you with well-researched and technically accurate copies for your website and other marketing assets. The copies produced are SEO-optimized and professionally edited for improved readability that are suitable for your target audience.

EO copywriting Services

Reach your target audience, as well as improve your online visibility, and turn your website into a go-to resource for visitors, as well as industry experts, with our SEO copywriting service.

Graphics bundle

Websites, businesses and brands are all much more than just words and products – they’re also images and art. Graphic design is an integral part of any business and that’s as true for your company’s image and your marketing.

Success online is multifaceted in the modern age. While sites rich in text can help you be found within search results, attracting visitors and converting sales is often influenced by the audio-visual impact.

Colorful, high-resolution images, engaging videos and illustrative graphics can help potential buyers better understand your products and services and help them see – literally – the benefits they offer.

Our graphics bundle includes stock photos, icons, animated photos, image editing and beautification.

SEO audit

Our team can conduct an SEO audit and create an actionable strategy plan to help you maximize your visibility online and improve sales.

Our SEO audit process includes:

  • An overall analysis to assess your website's strengths and determine an SEO strategy
  • Identifying both the on-page and off-page factors affecting search positions
  • A comprehensive SEO audit report, including a competitive scorecard, backlink report, and future site strategy

The SEO audit process begins with an overall analysis of your website to assess what action is needed to best optimize it for search engines. Based on this analysis, our team offers recommendations for improving your website to boost your overall search engine rankings. These recommendations may include, but are not limited to, duplicate content, broken links, dangling links, similar title tags, duplicate meta descriptions, web copy editing, HTML validation, browser and resolution compatibility, page loading times, search engine rankings, site statistics, and error pages. All of this is included in both our off and on page SEO audit.

All of the factors listed above are just some of the many elements NoxBD will address during the SEO audit process. Each of these factors provide some type of impact in attracting search engine crawlers and — by extension — customers to your site. Our full SEO audit will show us exactly where you can improve so you can start ranking better in search engines.

The SEO audit project duration is approximately one month. Our SEO audit service takes 30 days for the basic plan and 45 days for the market leader option.

After-sales support

At all stages of the web design process, we never forget that we are building a business relationship. This relationship is designed to be mutually beneficial and long lasting. That is why our web design after sales support and care is just as important to us as gaining you as a customer.

We are committed to our customers’ success, and we understand that problems can and will arise. Therefore, we offer the following days of support operations for the different types of packages as below:

Our web design packages includes FREE 7 to 30 days support after site launch for all packages. Depending on the severity of the issue, your cordinator assigns expert to solve the issues and tracks anything that happens duing solving of the issues, that is shared to the customer, for future references.


Domain: Your success is our destination. It’s our job, and we love it. That’s why everyone can get a free domain name from NoxBD. Those who get an web design package plan receive a premium .com, .net or another classic TLD registered free of charge for the first year.

Cloud Hosting Server: Our private managed dedicated cloud server allows the use of multiple kernels and offers of a wide range of advantanges. Experience up to 3x faster hosting and take advantage of dedicated resources with our cloud hosting with free SSL certificate. With all of our web design packages, you get a free Starter Pack (1 GB of space) hosting for one month.

Contact Forms & Map: A contact form on your site is a great way to encourage potential customers to take a desired action. Our team will design effective forms and contact maps for direction.

Email Addresses: Our private cloud is a secure, reliable solution for your web-based email needs. Our packages includes 5 free professional email account setup.

Performance Report: We design your website for best performance, and after a month we sent you a complete performance report and recommandations.

Website Report: After one month of running, we check how your website has performed at every stage. We check for issues, missings, on-site and off-site SEO statastics, website performance, and visitors behaviors. Finally, we create a report, after, our digital stetigest audit, you get your report.

Blog / Press Release: Our team design the latest trends blogs and megazines.