5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Potential Customers To the Competiton

Growing your online business can be difficult sometimes. Competitions are raising day by day, and if you haven’t optimized your digital platforms. You might be losing lots of customers.

A consumer is more likely to make a purchase from a friend or someone they trust. So, it’s your responsibility to ensure they can find your platforms in such a manner that familiarity and trust have been established.

It’s more of how you are approaching them? and finally how easily they can find what they are looking for.

We have shared below 5 reasons why you might be losing your potential customers.

 Your Digital Platforms Are Not User-friendly – When digital platforms are not user-friendly, your customers might reach you but eventually, the sales conversion rate will be very low. While customers are accessing your platforms using varies devices, it is recommended that you concentrate on each of them.

► Losing Potential Organic Search Traffic – While you are focusing on customers reaching you directly, or from the paid advertisements. The most effective medium is search engines. If your platforms are not robot-friendly and when search crawlers visiting your platform and not getting the right information, you will be losing a lot of organic search traffic.

► Advertisement Budget is Going to Waste – Online advertisement is not just showing ADs to everyone. It is a medium to tell customers about your product or service and only to the interested customers looking for that particular service. Showing your ad to the right customers can improve your sales rate without changing the advertisement budget.

► Wasting Opportunities to Inbound or Outbound Leads – When someone has been vetted and is ready to speak with a salesperson. These people have purchasing power and are prepared for engagement from a salesperson. If the contents of your platform, the visuality, trustworthiness, details are not properly organized, you will be losing qualified leads.

► CTA & Contact Forms – Valuable potential leads can arrive on your site, view your products or services, and get excited about contacting your business. Making it easier for the customer to get in touch with you is important. Using different CTA types and contact forms are the best option to get going. In case, CTA and contact forms are not in the right places you might be in losing more and more customers.

Treat all of your sales opportunities like your best friend. They’re more than just a sale, they’re a valued, integral partner.

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Toukir Rahman July 8, 2019 0 Comments