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Hiring separate agencies for web design, development, marketing and maintenance not only mean coordination headaches but also sometimes lead to inefficiencies. For better resource utilization and goal accomplishment, we handle all the four verticals for our clients.

How Digital PackagesCreates Business Growth?

The purpose of a website is not just giving a business an online presence, but also making that presence work that drives traffic, and convert visitors into sales. We deliver real results for our clients.

  • Design & development

    Our team tailors your website to your company and its unique needs. That’s why you can customize every feature of our services to your company, products or services, and goals. The result is your website captures your brand.

  • Digital Growth

    We excel at devising personalized digital marketing strategy to optimize your page visits, and social reach together with conversions. Our team persistently tracks & monitors every single move in for your market.

  • Website maintenance

    Our team monitor your website for optimal performance. We keep your website secure, up-to-date, and functional for users. Plus, you eliminate the worry that comes with managing, monitoring, and maintaining your website 24/7.

  • Monthly report

    We understands an effective report is the combination of analytics, data, and testing. Our experts will create your website report which is detail-obsessed, process-oriented, diligent, and data-driven.

Hire a professional team for digital business building and management.

Digital Media Partner Packages


Monthly Subscription

  • Custom Design
  • CMS Included


Monthly Subscription

  • UX Design
  • CMS Included

Platinum Pro

Monthly Subsciption

  • UX Design
  • CMS Included

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Resources Enhanced Platinum Platinum Pro
Web Designer
UX Analyst
SEO & Content Executive
SEO Copywriting
Graphics Design
SEO Analyst
Online Marketing
Data Entry
What's Included
  • One TLD domain
  • SSD cloud hosting
  • Graphics bundle
  • Monthly report.
  • eCommerce management
  • One TLD domain
  • SSD cloud hosting
  • Graphics bundle
  • Monthly report.

  • Digital ads bundle
  • eCommerce management
  • One TLD domain
  • SSD cloud hosting
  • Graphics bundle
  • Monthly report.

Packages Feature: Overview


A website coordinator, sometimes called a website administrator or a webmaster, works to maintain a cohesive design for a company's website and increase its online marketing presence.

The coordinator will perform operational responsibility for your website development, marketing, and maintenance.

Responsibility Percentage:

  • 30% client interaction (phone calls, meetings, client support, client training, etc.)
  • 25% developing web project specifications and managing other team members (acting as internal POC for your project)
  • 10% outlining client requirements, design specifications
  • 10% testing website performance and CMS/e-commerce store functionality
  • 10% development of website information architecture
  • 10% project and website quality assurance
  • 5% website conversion rate optimization and UX testing

Our website coordinator will perform as the in charge of your project publishing contents, development of the website, designing layout, digital marketing, and communicate with you.

You can also call on our team if you are not sure how a coordinator will work for your site. Just give us a ring at 880 01859 377 969 to chat.

Web designer

Your website is the digital face of your business, and you want it to be spectacular. But,

Your website's design can make or break your chances of running a successful online business. That's why we at NoxBD undertake all designing matters with due care. By operating on a well-defined process and adhering closely to client's requirements, our experts create exceptional web designs that compliment your business value and enhance the appeal to the target audience.

Client service always remains a top priority for us. To that end, our web design professionals continuously share progress reports with a client until completion. Conversely, a client can also connect with us through email, Skype or a contact number to discuss any queries or updates. This way all directives are carried out in a timely and orderly manner.

Our web designers will follow the up-to-date guideline while working on your website.

UX analyst

UX analysis is a set of tactics and guidelines that improve a digital product’s ease of use and overall user flow. Our UX analyst create a design document that communicates ideas, research findings, and provides guidance for design and development teams.

Our solution is simple, user-friendly designs are the key pieces of great digital products. Creating an easy to understand product increases user adoption and helps to foster loyalty.

KEEP TRACKING AND IMPROVING Our team peforms analyzing the product’s user flow and overall user experince will allow designers to discover many pain points and frustrations—to walk a mile in the users’ shoes—and uncover opportunities that will improve the product’s user experience overall.


Our professional developers strives towards fulfilling your needs across the digital landscape by offering expert knowledge and skills through a wide array of services.

FOR A E-COMMERCE CLIENT A chatbot that redirects users to the right experts for a better quality of advice on the e-commerce site.

Our developers take the approved wireframe and design features and develop a system to function for your specific needs; ensuring that the result meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.

Before any works commence, our team take time to understand all your needs. The result is that our development team understand your goals plus your team's goals, and can commence to digitise your processes.

The foundations of a good database enables the creation of code that completes your required functions. We place your concepts, as code, into the correct fields within the database. This is the most important part of the process. During development our developers continue to complete a range of testing to ensure your processes will work in a number of environments, including different devices and screen sizes.

SEO & content executive

There is nothing more powerful than connecting people with your site when when they are searching for it. We will peak customer's interests with your website.

Potential customers need to know about your company before they can give you their business, as we prioritize getting eyes on your online presence with NoxBD SEO Services.

Our SEO & Content executive performs day-to-day technical analysis by going through each page of your website and implement strategic and synergistic content and assisting the content team in the creation of high quality, informative SEO content.

SEO Copywriting

Copy is one of the most critical components of your website. It connects your business with your target audience and persuades them to purchase your product, contact your company, or even visit your store. For compelling copy that resonates with readers and ranks at the top of search results.

Our copywriting team features professionals from a range of backgrounds, including technical and non-technical, to deliver accurate and persuasive copy.

Turn your website into a go-to resource for your target audience, as well as industry experts, with our SEO copywriting services. This service package focuses on producing original articles and blog posts for your website. For maximum results, our team optimizes your content not only for readers but also for search engines.

Increase your competitive edge in the online marketplace with our SEO ecommerce copywriting services. This service package focuses on developing search and reader friendly product descriptions that convince shoppers to bring your product home.

Reach your target audience, as well as improve your online visibility, with our SEO long-form copywriting services. This service package focuses on researching, creating, and promoting skyscraper content, which ranges from 2100 to 5300 words. Skyscraper content is an excellent tool for reaching and converting your target market.

Support your digital marketing strategy, as well as accelerate your lead generation efforts, with our online guide copywriting services. This service package focuses on producing and promoting in-depth guides, which your business can use to generate and nurture leads, such as by offering guides as an email sign-up incentive.

Whether you’re partnering with NoxBD for blog posts, product descriptions, online guides, or long-form content, our team will customize your strategy and deliverables to your business.

Graphics design

A company’s brand identity is how that business wants to be perceived by consumers. The components of the brand (name, logo, tone, tagline, typeface) are created by the business to reflect the value the company is trying to bring to the market and to appeal to its customers.

Get the perfect logo design - or any design in over 15 categories. Whatever your business needs our graphics designer will help get it done.

We follow a tried-and-true creative process that makes design magic. With our team that loves to collaborate, we’ll turn your great ideas into a custom design.

From creating your business logo, business card our graphics experts are specialised in GFXmotion, promotional video creation and much more.

SEO Analyst

SEO makes up the majority of site traffic, leads and revenue for most websites on the internet and while it's not a new channel, it is constantly evolving.

Potential customers are searching every day for the services and products that you offer so if you're not showing up on the right keywords and showing them the right messaging and landing page, you're missing out.

Getting the most from your SEO efforts requires deep keyword and competitive analysis, technical on-site optimizations, content generation and off-site link building.

To Maximize organic search requires selective keyword research, engaging content and effective link building. Our analyst create a winning SEO strategy that increases rank, traffic, and leads for the keywords that matter to your business.

The team at NoxBD then follow the right SEO strategy to deliver more relevant traffic to your website and convert visitors with optimized pages.

Online marketing

Every Business is different - We know that, and connect you to your targeted customer base.

Most businesses these days are utilizing at least one form of internet marketing, if not more. Using a combination of technology and creativity we promote your brand, business, or product through online media, sales, and social channels. There's no one-size-fits-all approach - we tailor your digital marketing campaign to fit your needs.

Our online marketing team will develop a comprehensive strategy for your company. Designed to offer a positive user experience based on behavioral fundamentals and years of experience and thorough research.

We don't waste our partnerships or time on matters that won't provide our customers with optimal success. The goal is for optimal return on investment for our clients.

Data Entry

Data entry operator responsibilities include collecting and entering data in databases and maintaining accurate records of valuable company information.

When you have a large company, there can be thousands of data. From your eCommerce shop data to user data, Our data entry operators make sure that all data input are error free and organized.

Operating an e-commerce store is not a simple task. Many activities like product data entry and back office support eat into your valuable time.

Utilize our product data entry team to do a superior job of entering products into your online retail portal. We specialize in precision-based data entry in quick time. This lets you put up a new product quicker than before.


We provide unlimited ongoing support and respond to emails and tickets normally within a few minutes. You can contact us during the day, evening or weekend we are here 24/7 for you.

Whether you’re looking to change contents and image, add more information to your site, want to make some other changes, our support team will always be here to help.

We are committed to our customer’s success, and we understand that problems can and will arise. You can ask us to resolve any issues on your website, and our support team will note your issue and forward it to the dedicated expert.

Our support team is always active to provide you support over phone calls, skype, messenger, and whatsapp.

What's included

Domain: A TLD domain registration and management is included with all of our packages. You can also manage your own domain and point it to our private server.

SSD Cloud Hosting: We understand a slow loading website and website downtime can make a business lose its potential customers as well as search ranking. We manage our private SSD cloud server, that allows the use of multiple kernels and offers a wide range of advantages. Experience up to 20x faster speed and take advantage of dedicated resources with SSL certificate. With each of our packages, you get your free hosting and we manage everything for you.

Graphics bundle: Our graphics bundle includes professional Logo design, free stock photos packs of your business category, custom business card design that represent your digital brand.

Website Report: Each month our team will generate a report of your website. Our team will check for issues, missings, on-site and off-site SEO statistics, website performance, and visitors behaviors. Finally, after a final audit by our digital stretegist, we will send you the report.

eCommerce Management:Need a hand with warehousing, fulfillment, or sourcing and logistics? You’ve got you covered. Leverage our e-commerce management services to keep your stores running smoothly.

Digital Advertisement Bundle:We help you to grow your business. Our team will create different paid campaigns for your business to reach more visitors and find new customers.

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